The Islay Experience 2007 (Kintyre and Islay)

photographed by Adrian and Gill Smith

Assorted Photos - click on the thumbnail for the full-size image

Starting on the mainland, then the MacBraynes boat across to Islay. See the flowers page for more wildlife pics.

Grey Gull Inn at Ardrishaig. Highly recommended, specially the Polish apple pie! Grey Gull Inn at Ardrishaig
Ardrishaig - looking SE at 10pm. Apologies to the waiter for bolting from the dining room to get the camera at this point. Ardrishaig - looking SE at 10pm
Ardrishaig harbour. Ardrishaig harbour
Ardrishaig foreshore with Lochgilphead in the background. Ardrishaig foreshore with Lichgilphead in the background
Hmmm - that jetty looks tasty. Incoming ferry at West Loch Tarbert. Hmmm - that jetty looks tasty
Just the Sea and the Sky. Interestingly, the camera saw this rather better than we did. Just the Sea and the Sky
Paps of Jura from Loch Tarbert. Unlikely we will ever get a better day for the crossing. Paps of Jura from Loch Tarbert
Paps of Jura - nearly there now. Paps of Jura - nearly there now
Jura ferry from Port Askaig. Jura ferry from Port Askaig
What a load of Bull. What a load of Bull
Yellow Flag at Gruinart. Lots of these, as well as Corncrakes and other goodies. Yellow Flag at Gruinart
Ragged Robin near Kilnave. Ragged Robin near Kilnave
Machrie - fun with reflected sunlight. Photographers find it hard to resist these shots. Machrie - fun with reflected sunlight
Machrie - setting sun. Machrie - setting sun

Time for a bit more tourist stuff around Islay. Not sure we believe the info board which claims all the crosses were by the same group of sculptors! They felt very distinct in style.

Bruichladdich - distillery yard. Bruichladdich - distillery yard
Bruichladdich mashtub. Looked so like something out of Myst, particularly when it moved amid clouds of steam! Bruichladdich mashtub
Bruichladdich - a good use for old milk tankers. Bruichladdich - a good use for old milk tankers
Bruichladdich - empty Jim Beam barrels waiting their turn for something better. Bruichladdich - new barrels
Bruichladdich mashtub detail. Dated 1898, I think, originally from Caol Ila. Bruichladdich mashtub detail
Wheel cross at Kildalton. This is the abstract side - the other face has the biblical scenes. Wheel cross at Kildalton
Kildalton cross - figured face. Kildalton cross - figured face
Kildalton - simpler and older cross. Kildalton - simpler and older cross
Stonecrop near Claggain Bay. Stonecrop near Claggain Bay
One of many Spotted Orchids. You get a bit blasé about these but they are very pretty. This one had hybrid vigour. One of many Spotted Orchids
Dragonfly with captured bumblebee. A bit of luck that it was far too busy munching it to care about a bunch of ground-dwelling apes sneaking up with a camera! Dragonfly with captured bumblebee
Burp - about 4 minutes later. We really think it must have scoffed the lot. Burp - about 4 minutes later
Looking north from Ardtalla. Looking north from Ardtalla
Wind-eroded sand at the Machrie. Offshore wind for 4 days had turned around all the normal patterns on the beach. Wind-eroded sand at the Machrie
Just knock it over the post - the Machrie at sunset. Just knock it over the post - the Machrie at sunset
Machrie - evening light across the links. Machrie - evening light across the links
Machrie at sunset. Machrie at sunset
Sunset over the links - it really was this colour. Sunset over the links - it really was this colour
Ruined chapel and cross at Kilnave. Ruined chapel and cross at Kilnave
Kilnave cross - detail. Kilnave cross - detail
Gruinart Bay from Kilnave. Gruinart Bay from Kilnave

Back to the mainland - holed up in a great B&B with a rather good view across the golf links!

Machrihanish - view of starters hut from B&B. Machrihanish - view of starters hut from B&B
Machrihanish - view from the Battery. Machrihanish - view from the Battery
Rock formation at Machrihanish. Rock formation at Machrihanish
Machrihanish - spot the seals. Machrihanish - spot the seals
Machrihanish - bay with approaching storm. Machrihanish - bay with approaching storm
Machrihanish - sunset over the links. Machrihanish - sunset over the links
Tiny arch in clay soil. No idea how it formed - maybe rabbits over the years? Tiny arch in clay soil
Keills Cross - unfortunately indoors now. Let's start a movement to have it put back where it should be! Keills Cross - unfortunately indoors now
Limestone formations at Keills point. Limestone pavement at Keills point
Jura from Keills point. Just a great place to watch seals and (probably) porpoises. Jura from Keills point

Back again one day, I expect. There is Machrihanish to sort out, as well as a few more distilleries to mooch around on Islay!