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Deer – Positions

Deer are commonly encountered in heraldry, although perhaps more often in the form of stags’ or hinds’ heads. Their positions are described differently from those for lions: for example the equivalent of passant is trippant. The following terms are used for deer, and also such animals as goats:

LodgedLying, with the legs tucked under the body
StatantStanding, facing left (as viewed)
At GazeAs statant, but looking directly out of the shield
TrippantWalking, with one foreleg slightly raised
CourantRunning, with all four legs off the ground, usually all extended out from the body. Also termed at speed or in full chase
SpringingLeaping or jumping, with the hind legs on the ground and both front paws raised up; the equivalent of salient for a lion

Other Animals

Animals such as goats use the same terms as deer, though bulls can be rampant, a position not found in deer. Dogs tend to be sejant etc., like lions, though they are termed courant or in full chase when running.

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