Llafranc pictures

This was a very quick visit to Llafranc on the Costa Brava (relatively) near Girona. We stayed overnight (13-14 December 2005), then walked round to the next bay and the village of Calella. The weather was cool but beautifully clear and sunny. Sadly there ws no time to investigate the local flora and fauna and these pictures are jsut snapshots taken on the walk. [Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version of the photo].

View from the hotel balcony. balcony-left
...looking the other way. balcony-right
Three views of Llafranc Bay. beach1
And one looking the other way
at sunrise (8:00am).
Street in Llafranc. llafranc_street
View with Boats
(looking back to Llafranc).
view with boats
View with Cactus. view with cactus
Tower between Llafranc and Calella. path to tower
Granite Rocks and Pines. view with rocks
Approaching Calella
(Agave left, umbrella pine right).
calella with agaves
Calella street. calella street

Sadly we joined the bus just round the corner from here and went back to Girona airport, to go back to East Midlands.