Back to Madeira in March 2008

photographed by Adrian and Gill Smith

Assorted Photos - click on the thumbnail for the full-size image

A few additions to the previous album, particularly the mountain day on Arieiro. Several lifts (elevators for our American friends) and the Holiday Express at Stansted had very strange numbering systems. See the 2005 trip for the rest of the itinerary.

Holiday Express - Stansted. This set the trend by using American floor-numbering with European room-numbering! 123 - Stansted
Serra Golf in the evening. A new hotel for us, and a big improvement on the pink place around the corner. Shame the Madeira Open was the week after we left. Serra Golf in the evening
Levada dos Tornos leaving Santa Serra. This was the first time we had walked this section to Camacha, and it was all most enjoyable. A mix of quite wild country and farmland with few villas to spoil the view. Tornos leaving Santa Serra
Custard Apples in progress. An interesting fruit, not one we got to like though! Custard Apples in progress
Tornos seen across one of the longer valleys. This was typical of the morning section, with several miles walked to cover very little by way of Crow-fly distance. Tornos seen across one of the longer valleys
Estalagem - Camacha. This did make sense, as the hotel spilled down the hill with the reception on the uphill side. Shame the rooms didn’t have minus numbers to match! 123 - Camacha
Tornos - into the mists. The last few valleys looked damper than they really were (fortunately). Tornos - into the mists
Tornos this way (re-used signage). An old road sign, already re-used in the 60s when the levada was built. Now definitely on its last legs. Tornos this way (reused signage)
Tornos - the door through the wall has gone!. See previous visit, when this was a tatty gate in the wall! Tornos - the door through the wall has gone!
Lichens at Poiso. One of the better examples of Madeiran cloud-forest. Lichens at Poiso
Heathland on the way up to Arieiro. Out into a different world - slap on the sunblock and keep climbing! Heathland on the way up to Arieiro
Walking up, looking North. Just about at cloud-top level here, in much clearer mountain air. Walking up, looking North
Walking up - next viewpoint. Walking up - next viewpoint
Start of Mr Blandy’s toy levada. This emerged from the bushes a few yards further up the road. Start of Mr Blandys toy levada
Moving up, looking South. Definitely into blasted heath country now. Moving up, looking South
Looking down into the Nuns’ Valley. This was the first real view back into the deep valley to the South. The rest of the path follows the arête between this valley and similar incursions from the North. Looking down into the Nuns Valley
Mountain path from Arieiro. You can just see the (very well built) path as it follows the ridge through the shadow mid-picture. Mountain path from Arieiro
On the new path. This must have been quite hairy before they re-made it with handrails and solid steps. On the new path
Looking out to the North from the ridge. About as far as we got - from now on it was down and into the shade. Looking out to the North from the ridge
Intrepid explorers heading home. Look carefully towards the top of the stairs! Intrepid explorers heading home
Looking over the edge from the ridge. The clouds are just starting to fill the valleys and sneak through the gaps. Looking over the edge from the ridge
Lunchtime drinks for the road crew. Collecting water in the clay bank at the roadside. Lunchtime drinks for the road crew
Quinta de Monte. What happened to the 2nd floor? 123 - Monte
Boca da Corrida - cloud pouring down the mountain. This felt quite spooky as it came down really fast with a sharp fall in temperature as it arrived. Boca da Corrida - cloud pouring down the mountain
Clouds filling the Nuns’ Valley. As they do most evenings, I suspect! Clouds filling the Nuns Valley
Cloud spilling off the plateau at sunset. Classic viewpoint if you walk up from Boca Corrida for about 35min. Cloud spilling off the plateau at sunset
Mountain shadow on the clouds filling the Nuns’ Valley. Mountain shadow on the Nuns Valley
Re-lining the Levada de Norte. The section out to Cabo Girao was all dry, while the concreting crew worked along it. Relining the Levada de Norte
Moo said the shed. Yes, a real thatched cowshed above the Jardim de Serra. Definitely not just for the tourists, but the government is subsidising hill farmers to keep them on the land. Lots of terraces around here were coming back into cultivation. Moo said the shed